Village of Earl Grey
Call Us: 306-939-2062

Council & Staff

Mayor            Debbie Hupka-Butz    306-939-2007
Councillors    Kevin Tallentire           306-939-4805
                      Brad Bougher             306-527-2907
                      Peter Gallo                 306-939-2230
                      Mitchell Nixon             306-718-7447

Regular council meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
Administration Staff

Administrator                     Courtney Huber
Administrative Assistant    Teresa Sutter
Administrative Assistant    Maureen Herman-Wilde
Assessment Information
Lots for Sale
Lot Prices:
Serviced        $200/front foot
Unserviced    $100/front foot    

Currently the village has six lots for sale:
Pollard Street - Lot 5, Block 8 - 50 ft x 120 ft - SERVICED
​Bates Street - Lot 14, Block 4 - 50 ft x 120 ft - SERVICED
Assiniboia Avenue - E1/2 Lots 16 & 17, Block 3 - 60 ft x 100 ft - SERVICED
Young Street - Lot 15, Block 9 - 75 ft x 120 ft - UNSERVICED
Main Street - Lot 11, Block 9 - 78 ft x 120 ft - UNSERVICED
Pearson Street - Lot 28, Block 2 - 50 ft x 120 ft - SERVICED

Lot owners will have up to one year to begin construction or move a residence onto their lot with maximum lot coverage of 50%.  A drainage plan must be submitted to council.  Water and sewer services must be installed by a reputable contractor who has been approved by council.  Once construction begins your buildings are required to be inspected by our building inspectors, Professional Building Inspections, with all costs to be paid by the property owner.  

The yellow highlighted lots on the village map are for sale.
About Us
Taxation for 2016

                        Municipal Mill Rates               School Mill Rates
​Residential      11 mills                                   5.03 mills
Agriculture       11 mills                                   2.67 mills
Commercial     11 mills                                   8.28 mills
Railways          11 mills                                   8.28 mills

Property Tax Calculation
Taxable Assessment x Local Mill Rate (mill rate/1,000) = Property Tax
Assessment Information

​2016 Taxable Assessment
Other Agricultural                               27,225
Residential                                    9,674,000
Multi-Unit Residential                         61,880
Commercial & Industrial                   783,700
Railway, R/W and Pipelines                 8,000
TOTAL                                        12,456,545
Boards & Committees of Council
Parkland Regional Library                                        Cameron Fischer
Earl Grey Library Board                                            Cameron Fischer
Earl Grey Cemetery and Mispah Liason                   Brad Bougher
Strasbourg Health Center                                         Cameron Fischer
                                                                                  Debbie Hupka-Butz
Last Mountain Regional Landfill                                Debbie Hupka-Butz
Earl Grey Longlaketon Fire Protection Board           Debbie Hupka-Butz
                                                                                  Brad Bougher
Earl Grey Skating and Curling Club                          Peter Gallo
Earl Grey Community Park Board                             Peter Gallo
East Central Transportation Planning Committee     Cameron Fischer
Earl Grey Longlaketon Administration Committee    Brad Bougher
                                                                                  Cameron Fischer
                                                                                  Mitchell Nixon
Earl Grey Community Hall Board                              Mitchell Nixon
Earl Grey Heritage Committee Chairperson             Brad Bougher
Earl Grey Recreation Board                                      Peter Gallo
Last Mountain Pioneer Home Foundation                Cameron Fischer
Earl Grey Housing Authority- Municipal Rep            Brad Bougher
EMO Coordinator                                                      Debbie Hupka-Butz
                                                                                  Cameron Fischer
Earl Grey Economic Development Committee         Brad Bougher
Inter-Municipal Advisory Committee                         Debbie Hupka-Butz
                                                                                  Cameron Fischer
Water and Sewer Committee                                    Brad Bougher
                                                                                  Peter Gallo
                                                                                  Mitchel Nixon
Street and Sidewalk Committee                                Mitchell Nixon
                                                                                  Cameron Fischer
Drainage and Snow Removal Committee                 Peter Gallo
                                                                                  Brad Bougher
Building Permits Committee                                      Mitchell Nixon
                                                                                  Debbie Hupka-Butz
Machinery Committee                                               Cameron Fischer
                                                                                  Brad Bougher
                                                                                  Mitchell Nixon
Maintenance Personnel Committee                          Debbie Hupka-Butz
                                                                                  Brad Bougher