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Business License Application
Bylaw No. 1-2018

A Bylaw of the Village of Earl Grey to provide for the licensing, regulations and governing of persons engaged in certain occupations and of places used for certain purposes to be known as the "Licensing Bylaw"
 A Business License is required for every person conducting business in the Village   of Earl Grey, who is not paying commercial taxes, requires a business license.

 A person must apply in writing to the Village for a Business License before     commencing any business.

 A person must pay the fee prior to the license being issued.

 Rates are as follows:
  1. Home Based Business                          $25.00/year
  2. Transient Trader &/or Direct Seller        $50.00/year
  3. Contractor                                              $100.00/year or $25.00/project

Village of Earl Grey Business Directory
Village of Earl Grey - Valid Business Licenses 

Please be advised that any business that purchases an annual business license prior to April 30th will be included on a Business Directory mail-out to the Village of Earl Grey ratepayers and will be available for pick up at the Municipal Office.  

The form is below.
Rates are:
Home Based Business - $25.00
Transient Trader or Direct Seller - $50.00
Contractor - $100.00 or $25.00 per project